massage stones

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Massage Sessions

A Little Something (30 min)

Don't have much time to spare? Well this massage service is just a sample of  what can be experienced with a full body session. The massage is upper body only for the areas that cause the most tension.

Relax & Unwind (60 min)

Relaxation massage is our most common service provided. It helps with all types of chronic pain & eases key point stressors (neck, shoulders & back). You'll want to take a nap when done.

Therapeutic Tension Release (75min)

Deep Tissue (Trigger Point) therapy, this is a technique used for getting deep

into the muscle fibers and breaking down those tight and stressed muscles. It also involves using Acupressure to pinpoint your stress knots and relieves

your body of those unwanted toxins. 


More Time for You (90 min)

One of our most commonly used massages. This massage session gives your body the time it needs to calm down and relax. Using the same methods as our Relaxation massage, it gives your body the feeling of being relaxed and rested. 

Melt the Stress Away (90 min)

Hot Stones are commonly used for clients who prefer Deep Tissue Therapy massage. The heated stones can go deeper into the muscles, aids in relieving muscle tension, increases circulation and metabolism as well. This massage session, involves using smooth water-heated stones to loosen tense muscles fibers and relieve stress from everyday life, using the same methods as a Full-Body Massage.