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A Little About Me


I'd like to say thank you for taking your time to visit my site

and pique your interest on the wonderful world of Massage.

I'm Daniell Liggins LMT, I have been practicing

massage therapy since Fall 2013. 

Naturally Gifted Therapeutic Massage

Is a private practice located in the Midtown area of Memphis, TN.

We truly love the art of massage and the benefits many people can

receive from getting a massage. What we do is so much more than just

giving you a basic massage. We feel as though we're feeding your mind, body & soul with as much positive energy that we can muster up within each session. We want you to leave feeling as though you can conquer any & every thing. What we therapist like to

call a "Massage High" because you leave so relaxed, but full of life and

positive energy. That makes us proud to be Massage Therapists

when we can meet your needs.